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Meet Samantha

Samantha Pechillo


Samantha, a former veterinarian technician, is a proud graduate of Animal Behavior College (ABC-CDT). After nearly a decade of private training experience, she thoroughly understands the importance of altering behaviors before lasting habits form. During her formal schooling Samantha spent countless hours at the local New Jersey Humane Society. Her patience and altruistic spirit drove her to spend most of her time working with stray and abandoned dogs who had infrequent visitors due to their aggressive tendencies. 


Samantha feels that every dog deserves a chance to change their behavior through love, consistency, and positive behavior techniques. Her success rate with subsiding aggressive behaviors and placing dogs in their forever homes is remarkable. Personally, Samantha adopted an abused shelter dog, Cash, and her influence was truly transformational. Today, Cash, a friendly and loyal fellow, loves his new family and enjoys rubbing noses with his cat and bulldog brothers. 


Samantha strongly believes in positive behavioral training, which allows owners to learn and implement simple techniques to maximize their relationship with their dogs. Every dog deserves a chance and with the right strategies, dogs and owners can create the loving relationship they deserve.

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